Component Speakers

VIBE Space component speakers are the pinnacle of in car audiophile quality sound. Engineered without compromise the Space 6 component speaker kit is a truly unique package that push the boundaries of what you believed was possible.




The Space passive crossover includes a superior 3-way crossover network and steeper 12dB per octave crossover slope, removing unwanted frequencies and creating a cleaner signal for the best possible audiophile quality sound.

Concentric Tweeter

Concentrically mounted tweeter gives the best possible stereo imaging and soundstage as all frequencies above 400Hz originate from a single point source

Alloy Torsion Basket

The alloy torsion basket is cast aluminium for high rigidity and support of the motor and moving parts of the subwoofer. The vented arms of the torsion basket cradle the coil and allow it to breathe cool air when in motion which offers significant performance gains.