Coaxial Speakers

The Pulse coaxial speakers are the new entry level range from Vibe. Designed to be extremely efficient to produce the best response possible without the need for an amplifier upgrade.



PEI Tweeter

PEI dome tweeters deliver extended high frequency response.

Steel Mesh Grill

Steel mesh grill provides protection for the woofer cone.

IMPP Woofer Cone

Rigid injection moulded polypropylene (IMPP) woofer cone delivers smooth, low bass and great vocal reproduction.


Slick 4 Coaxial Speakers

Pulse 5 - 150w

  • Speaker Size: 5.25″ (133mm)
  • 50 watts RMS
  • 150 watts PEAK
  • Frequency Response: 80Hz-20KHz
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Slick 4 Coaxial Speakers

Pulse 6 - 180w

  • Speaker Size: 6.5″ (165mm)
  • 60 watts RMS
  • 180 watts PEAK
  • Frequency Response: 65Hz-20KHz
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Slick 4 Coaxial Speakers

Pulse 69 - 300w

  • Speaker Size: 6.25 x 9.25″ (150 x 222mm)
  • 100 watts RMS
  • 300 watts PEAK
  • Frequency Response: 45Hz-20KHz
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