MINI VIBE Sound upgrade “Pump up the volume”

We were approached by Modern Mini Magazine to offer an audio upgrade for the BMW Mini.

vibe mini upgrade

After an initial sound test the factory speakers seemed to lack bass, struggling to produce the lower frequencies. The weak link can often be the OEM head unit as although it tends to be well matched to the factory speakers, it also tends to have a low power output. For this reason installing a speaker upgrade without an external amplifier or aftermarket head unit isn’t the solution.

The owner of the vehicle didn’t want to change the OEM unit nor add an external amplifier so the easy solution for this common problem is to install a bass enclosure.

Now to the next issue, the Mini certainly lives up to its name in the boot department as it has very little in the way of luggage space. This lead us to installing our new CVEN 8 subwoofer enclosure, a compact but powerful, active bass solution. To complete the installation a Fast Plug was installed allowing for the enclosure to be safely removed in seconds should the full boot area be required.

For the full write up be sure to check out the Summer edition of Modern Mini Magazine…

vibe mini install feature