It’s Official, VIBE have the loudest car in Europe!

VIBE launched its latest demo vehicle at the EMMA (European Mobile Media Association) Euro finals event, where cars and vans from all over Europe, vie to be the best sounding, best installed and most importantly the loudest on the entire continent.


The VIBE Volkswagen T5 was the latest addition to the #TeamVIBE competition scene, and it promised to give the competitors a run for their money with a VIBE BlackDeath Set Up consisting of:

  • X12 BlackDeath Bubonic 15 inch subwoofers.
  • X6 BlackDeath Reaper Bass amplifiers.
  • X2 BlackDeath Stereo 2 Amplifiers.
  • X12 BlackDeath Pro 8 speakers (in the doors).
  • X6 BlackDeath Pro 4 Bullet Tweeters.
  • X28 Krypton SPL Batteries.
  • Anti VIBE sound deadening throughout.

Upon its debut in the ESPL Expert 1 class, the VIBE T5 devastated onlookers, producing a staggering 160.1dB (on Music), FIVE decibels clear of the next loudest vehicle and was crowned the loudest vehicle in Europe.

loudest car in europe

After such a fantastic achievement the guys at VIBE would be forgiven for taking a little time out but instead they assure me there’s more to come, so watch this space!