DJ Hazel’s Dodge Nitro

Pawel Sadzinski owner of Bass Hull, has created another breath taking #TEAMVIBE demo car. Taking inspiration from his Mercedes ML he has designed and fabricated a full VIBE install for DJ Hazel’s Dodge Nitro.

The back seats have been removed, making way for a huge bandpass enclosure housing four BlackDeath 15 SPL subwoofers. Flowing from the enclosure into the boot, a LED illuminated custom amp rack accommodates the stereo and BlackDeath Reaper amplifiers. To finish the install all four door cards are crammed full of BlackDeath PA speakers, adding midrange and treble to the monstrous bass!

The build consists of:

  • 4 x BlackDeath 15” SPL subwoofers
  • 6 x BlackDeath Pro 12” coaxials
  • 4 x BlackDeath Pro 8″ midwoofers
  • 2 x BlackDeath Pro 6″ mids
  • 4 x BlackDeath Pro 4″ compression tweeters
  • 5 x BlackAir Stereo 4 amplifiers
  • 1 x BlackDeath Reaper Bass amplifier

It’s a shame the car is returning to Poland as we’d love to see it at some UK events this year.