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Slick level remote

The SLICK level control which allows level adjustment of the amplifier from the front of the car.
Simply plug supplied cable into the SLICK remote level port on the end panel of the amplifier and remote gain control is yours, it is that easy.


SlickREM1 optional remote for use with Slick A2,A3 and A4 amplifiers.
SlickREM2 optional remote for use with Slick A0,A1 and A7 amplifiers.

VIBE PortPlug

port plugThe VIBE PortPlug allows easy tuning of the VIBE bass enclosures. The PortPlug is used to tightly seal the VIBE TurboPort in the enclosure to either create a sealed enclosure for better transient response or in the case of a multi ported enclosure re-tune the enclosure using only 1 PortPlug.
The VIBE PortPlug is available in 2.5″, 3″ and 4 inch versions.
Model: PP25 PortPlug for 2.5″ TurboPort
Model: PP30 – PortPlug for 3″ TurboPort
Model: PP40 – PortPlug for 4″ TurboPort


The VIBE TurboPortTM is the only choice for professional vented or bandpass enclosures. The VIBE TurboPort is flared at BOTH ends for smooth airflow in and out of the enclosure thus eliminating the port noise or chuff associated with cheap imitations. The VIBE TurboPort is available in 2.5 inch, 3 inch and new anti resonance 4 inch versions, they provide the perfect finishing touch to a custom enclosure.

Model: TPX25 TurboPort 2.5″ Diameter – 150mm Length
Model: TPX30s TurboPort 3″ Diameter – 150mm Length
Model: TPX30L TurboPort 3″ Diameter – 255mm Length
Model: TPX40s TurboPort 4″ Diameter – 240mm Length
Model: TPX40L TurboPort 4″ Diameter – 320mm Length

Enclosure Terminals

The VIBE enclosure terminals add a touch of class to any bass enclosure. Spring loaded connectors replace the old screw down type for quicker and tighter clamping of speaker wire or VIBE GP41 banana plugs. The VIBE TP2 features two posts and the new VIBE QP4 QuadPost features 4 posts on one terminal and a CNC alloy top, a rubber inner and outer rubber sealing gasket.

Model: TP2 enclosure terminals – 2 posts
Model: TP4 enclosure terminals – 4 posts