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BC10 Level Control

bc10The VIBE BC10 gain level controller is a perfect addition to any subwoofer system, the BC10 allows the level of the amplifier to be controlled from the driver’s seat giving the user easy adjustment of gain level whenever required. Particularly useful for adjusting the gain level for amplifiers controlling subwoofers. The BC10 controller is RCA input and output making it compatible with any system allowing gain level adjustment of any amplifier it is connected to. It can also be used with full range amplifiers to control the volume of front rear speakers.


fastplugDesigned and developed by VIBE Engineers the plug offers safe, fast removal of your active bass enclosure (bass box) or amplifier. You may wish to remove your system for security reasons, or for the full use of your boot space, whatever the reason the VIBE FastPlug makes it easy and safe. The plug is a heavy duty connector that connects positive, negative and remote wires. It is made up of two parts, one end to connect to your equipment and the other to your power source. Made from high quality ABS plastic the device is tough and hard wearing.Features

  • Quick release plug allows fast safe removal of your active sub boxes and amplifier.
  • Fast installation, no special tools required.
  • Universal; works with any amplifier or active sub box.
  • 80 amp power rating.
  • Heavy duty gold plated terminals accept up to 8 gauge wire.
  • Black ABS construction for maximum durability.
  • Screw mountable.
  • Large bolts to secure oversized wire.
  • H = 20mm x W = 50mm x D = 100mm

FLATLINES™ Power and Ground Cable

flatlinesVIBE FLATLINES™ power cable has been developed to maximise voltage transfer from battery to amplifier – The cable has 2 main lines running side by side which are made up of fine copper strands – This design makes the cable flat allowing us to make very slim heavy duty power cable which is highly flexible, easing installation into vehicles. Can be purchased in system kits or by the roll or off the roll.

Model: FLATLINES 8 PWR 8 gauge red power cable
Model: FLATLINES 8 GND 8 gauge black ground cable
Model: FLATLINES 4 PWR 4 gauge red power cable
Model: FLATLINES 4 PWR 4 gauge black ground cable
Model: FLATLINES 0 PWR 0 gauge red power cable
Model: FLATLINES 0 GND 0 gauge black ground cable

FLATSTEREO™ High Definition full range Interconnect

The VIBE FLATSTEREO RCA is an OFC high definition full range interconnect, delivering the fullest signal possible from source to amplifier – the cable make up has been developed to run flat with left and right cables running parallel both with individual screening but sharing an outer FLAT jacket easing installation. Available in:

Model: FLATSTEREOTM RCA 1m 1 metre full range interconnect
Model: FLATSTEREOTM RCA 5m – 5 metre full range interconnect

FLATBASS™ SolidCoreTM Bass interconnect

The VIBE FLATBASS™ interconnect has been specifically developed for use in BASS SYSTEMS – the cable make up has a unique super FLATTM design easing installation – It’s trick ingredient is oversized SolidCore OFC signal wires – allowing a heavier current to be passed down the cable. This is the central wire that caries the main signal from source to amplifier. Available in:

Model: FLATBASSTM RCA 1m 1 metre BASS interconnect
Model: FLATBASSTM RCA 5m – 5 metre BASS interconnect

FLATFLEX™ High Definition speaker cable

The delivery of power and signal to the speaker is the final CriticalLinkTM in any audio system VIBE’s FlatFlexTM OFC high definition speaker cable is produced from super fine OFC copper strands collectively picking up all the detail in your music. The multi strands are aligned making the cable super flat which can be run invisibly under carpets.

FLATBASS™ 13 SPK Bass speaker cable

There are many powerful bass amplifiers in today’s market. The ever increasing power is putting huge strains on speaker wire VIBE present a new breed of speaker cable specially developed for BASS applications; the VIBE FLATBASS speaker cable offers SolidCores that can handle and sustain considerably more power than conventional speaker cable.

AGU Fuse Holder

fuse holderVibe’s water proof Fuse holder that should be located within 12″ of the battery holds glass type AGU fuses and offers reliable system protection. This is included in stereo kits and active bass kits (AGU fuses available separately).
Model: FDAGU-V1 Inline AGU fuse holder

VIBE 140 amp circuit breaker

circuit breakerBig systems require big protection. The VIBE circuit breaker is rated at 140 amps and offers critical protection to your system. If the system over powers or short circuits the breaker will cut in and save your equipment. No need to replace fuses, the system is reset via a simple switch.


y lead green packOur professional quality full range OFC Y-interconnect guarantees a pure and strong signal. With a flat design and ferrite loaded gold plated plugs interference is greatly reduced. The FLAT-Y Interconnect is available in 1 male 2 female FLAT Y 2F and 2 male 1 female FLAT Y 2M configurations.

VIBE DB6 non fused distribution block

db6The VIBE DB6 non fused distribution block is a professional non fused distribution block which gives easy connection for up to 5 amplifiers. The VIBE DB6 has 2 x 4AWG input and 4 x 8AWG outputs which can be used for power distribution or ground distribution giving a common grounding point for all system components eliminating the risk of ground loop interference.

VIBE FD4 fused distribution block

fd4The VIBE FD4 fused distribution block is a professional AGU fused distribution block which gives easy connection for up to 4 amplifiers. The VIBE FD4 has 1 x 4AWG input and 4 x 8AWG outputs each individually fused up to a maximum of 80 amps (AGU fuses available separately).

VIBE CT0 / CT4 compression fit ring terminal

cto ct4The VIBE CT range of gold plated ring terminals are professional compression fittings designed for maximum conductivity when connecting power cable to the vehicle battery. The VIBE RT compression fit terminals are the best way to connect heavy gauge power cable to the vehicles battery.

VIBE RT4 / RT8 crimp on ring terminal

The professional range of VIBE RT ring terminals for connecting power cable to the vehicle battery. Packed in pairs and include red and black rubber over boots and easy crimp design.

VIBE AGU30, AGU60, AGU80 fuses

agu fusesThe VIBE AGU fuse series are the perfect companion to the VIBE FD4 distribution block and the Active and Stereo System wiring kits. The VIBE AGU fuses are packed in pairs so you always have a spare fuse when you need one. They are available in 30, 60 and 80 amp versions.

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