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Antivibe Sound Deadening Material

No you’re not reading this wrong, we have actually produced something which reduces noise!

While it may be the complete polar opposite to everything else that we do when it comes to going loud Anti VIBE will actually help IMPROVE the sound inside your car greatly!
All those rattles, and all the sound being heard outside the vehicle is taking away volume and clarity from the inside.

Fitting Anti VIBE behind your speakers and in the boot area is one of the most cost effective ways to improve your system.

Lower Road Noise

By fully treating your vehicle with ANTIVIBE you can reduce the noise floor by up to 12 decibels (dB). Every 3dB gained is the equivalent to doubling your effective amplifier power. By installing ANTIVIBE you finally get the power that you have paid for without road noise stealing valuable decibels in the critical sub bass region.

Better Sound

Treating your speaker baffles with ANTIVIBE will greatly improve the sound produced by the speaker. A treated baffle will be much more stable which drastically reduces distortion. The sound with ANTIVIBE applied will be noticably fuller in all the important midbass region which will result in improved staging and system dynamics.

Higher Sound Pressure Level [SPL]

100% of SPL competition cars use sound deadening material – fact! The reason for this is that the audio system in a vehicle fully treated with ANTIVIBE will be louder than the same system in an identical vehicle without ANTIVIBE. A large amount of the power from your audio system is wasted in simply making the panels in your car flex. By adding ANTIVIBE the panel will be more dense and heavier making it more difficult to flex. The result is that more energy from the audio system is directed where you want it – your ears.

Reduced Heat

ANTIVIBE features an aluminium layer that is specifically designed to reflect heat. Your car’s engine and exhaust produce large amounts of heat that is transferred into the cabin by the metal of the floor pan and firewall. By treating these important areas with ANTIVIBE you will reduce the amount of heat transferred into the passenger compartment which will mean that your air conditioning will operate more efficiently.

Reduced Panel Rattle

Annoying squeaks and rattles can be eliminated by treating the vehicle with ANTIVIBE. By adding ANTIVIBE to the lightweight panels in your vehicle you will increase the weight and density of the panel making it far less susceptible to flexing which means that the rattle is eliminated.

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