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VIBE Audio was founded in 1993 and has been committed to the design and manufacture of innovative audio equipment ever since.

With industry defining products such as the VIBE BlackAir Vented 12 Bass Enclosures, LiteAir Amplifiers and the competition level BlackDeath range, VIBE Audio is a major force in the international car audio market, currently exporting to over 50 countries internationally.
VIBE Audio’s global success in the audio market has allowed us to leverage on our experience and expand into new segments including home cinema, marine and personal audio. With everything from surround sound home audio packages to headphones, VIBE has a product for almost every audio application however our core focus will always remain on bass enhancement as without bass much of the emotion, the excitement and the energy in music.

1993 - 1995

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VIBE was founded, building and maintaining an excellent reputation for compact, high quality bass enclosures.
vibe portsVIBE was already an innovator-the first company in the world to use the spun alloy TurboPort™, subsequently copied into the subwoofer enclosure design of companies worldwide.
vibe is britishVIBE employed a team of experienced sales representatives to help manage, support and promote a rapidly growing UK independent dealer network across the UK.

1996 - 1998

vibe cbrVIBE won critical acclaim, establishing itself as a specialist manufacturer of subwoofer enclosures. This continues to this day with a complete range of enclosures, including the bestselling BlackAir Vented 12.
vibe ac enclosureThe first generation of the VIBE CBR Active Enclosure became the most popular subwoofer enclosure on the UK market, winning every major award and magazine product test. VIBE also launches it’s first special edition bass enclosure the yellow AC12 Twin series.
vibe vp4VIBE teamed up with an Italian manufacturer to produce it’s first range of amplifiers, complementing the existing subwoofer and enclosure range.

1999 - 2001

vibe sek speakers1999 saw the introduction of two ranges of component and coaxial speakers, allowing VIBE to offer the complete package of speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers to it’s customers.
vibe sells in halfordsVIBE teamed up with the largest chain store brand in the UK, Halfords.
vibe head officeVIBE invested over £500,000 into an exclusive 200,000sq ft office and showroom renovation.

2002 - 2004

vibe enters home cinema marketVIBE bring their award winning bass enclosures to the home for the first time with the launch of full range of Home Cinema Subwoofers. The Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 in particular won much critical acclaim, thanks to their spectacular audio performance from a compact and affordable enclosure. Updated versions of the Alpha subwoofer line are still available today.
vibe space subwooferBoth the BlackAir and Space subwoofers win awards for “Best Subwoofer” in their class further cementing VIBE’s reputation for being at the cutting edge of subwoofer design.
the vibe bass tunnelThe launch of the groundbreaking (and earthshaking!) VIBE Bass Tunnel, the largest 40ft Car Audio system in the world. International deployment continues with successful launches in Russia and Asia, and representation in 80% of EU countries.

2005 - 2007

dealer standThe VIBE Bass Tunnel visited CES in Las Vegas taking the show by storm! VIBE becomes the No.1 brand in Czech Republic, Latvia and Lithuania.As a result of high consumer demand a launch of specialist cables and accessories is launched.
the dredd demo carVIBE launched the award winning Dredd demo car, once again taking the industry by storm. 2006 also saw the launch of the Russian Bass Tunnel, the second VIBE show rig costing in excess of £800,000 to custom build.
vibe brochureVIBE launch their most comprehensive brochure to date. This 100 page catalogue details over 200 product lines, each individually engineered, designed, tooled and patented.

2008 - 2010

Vibe Audi R8VIBE launch the newest demo car, the Audi R8 to showcase the new Space component speaker range. VIBE also launch the fresh new website concentrating focus a lot more towards the digital age.
Vibe launch home cinemaThe VIBE Home Cinema range is expanded to include two sub-brands that re-enforce VIBE Audio’s reputation for design excellence. PICS, or Picture Integrated Cinema Speakers are high quality designer speakers that can be mounted in-wall or on-wall, behind a fully customizable picture frame with acoustic canvas for the ultimate stealth audio install.
The Monolith range is a 5.1 piano black speaker system with undeniable style that is all about presence and statement in form and function.
Vibe GermanyVIBE sets out to replicate its UK success in Germany. Opening a German warehouse and offices, VIBE quickly builds up a network of German dealers and brand followers.

2011 - 2013

vibe optisound & gamingVIBE OptiSound TV & Gaming are launched upon the world, a one box sound enhancement solution, VIBE OptiSound adds back the energy, excitement and emotion to movies and video games that most modern flatscreen TV’s are unable to re-create.
VIBE bring their audio expertise to the world of portable audio for the first time with a full range of headphones. From the functional yet fashionable Zip headphones to LiteAir Wireless Bluetooth headphones to the BlackDeath Over Ear Headphones capable of monstrous on-ear bass, the VIBE Headphone range has something for everyone.

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